Charming Cheese: Camembert & Coppola

Camembert and Coppola is the pairing for the evening. I’m making the Camembert Burger from the French Grill cookbook which will surely go down nicely with the Coppola Wine Diamond Red Blend that was inspired by Scarlett O’ Hara in Gone With The Wind. The aromas of violets, spices, and berries will be perfect with the cheese and grilled beef […]

Get Ready For The Oscars with Graham’s 20 Year Tawny Port

The Oscars are almost here with much-talked-about films, gorgeous stars, glamorous gowns and moving speeches. Why not host an evening of classic Hollywood glitz and glam for your friends—film aficionados or not! It’s important to have the right drink as you watch the show. I’ll be sipping Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port throughout the evening. I’m having fun pairing […]