Dinner with Livermore Valley Winemakers At BlackBarn In NYC

When people think of going to visit California for wine it’s Napa and Sonoma that gets the attention. It’s all well deserved praise, because there

Frescobaldi’s Tenuta Perano: Bring On The Chianti

When Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi of Frescobaldi Toscana comes to town and the wine lunch is at Il Gattopardo that’s a win wine situation. His family

Château de Berne Rosé- Inspiration, Romance & Up

Oh yesss, some of y’all are on rosé countdown. Let’s clear up two myths.The first one is that you should only drink rosé during the

Lunch at Sylvia’s In NYC Featuring Valdo Prosecco

I’ve been in New York City long enough to call myself a “New Yorker”, yet I had never gone to the iconic restaurant, Sylvia’s. Even

Côté Mas Crémant de Limoux Brut & Truffle Brie

It’s #SparklingWineSunday which means it’s the perfect time for a wine and cheese pairing. Today’s situation is truffle Brie and Côté Mas Crémant de Limoux Brut. It’s an orgasmic

Exploring CVNE (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) Wines at Casa Mono in NYC

One of the best things about living in NYC is being able to share a meal with some of the most prolific people in the

Holiday Movie & Wine Pairings: Christmas & Crémant

Sparkling wine and movies are such a good pairing. It’s the time of year to binge on cheesy Christmas movies so why not pair them

Witch On Wine Class: Arrogant Frog Chardonnay

In this go around of Witch On Wine Class let’s talk about, Arrogant Frog Chardonnay, by Les Domaines Jean-Claude Mas. It’s a Chardonnay from France

Comsi Comsa: The Sparkling Apple Wine From Upstate New York

  Most people think that the Germans invented apple wine. It was actually the Greeks and Romans who invented it in around 420 B.C.. The

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