Podcast: No Stress Spell

I know people are going through it. During some of my psychic readings, people are breaking down and crying. I  totally get it. This whole COVID situation has thrown us all for a loop. There is a collective mindset of fear since no one knows how this all will work out.  Since anxiety and stress levels are at an all […]

Three Candle Joy Spell

Got, joy? Life throws so many things our way, joy can be hard to find or hold on to. We all could use a more of it. Joy is considered different that happiness, because it’s a spiritual quality that is internal. It’s a state of being. Below is a spell that will bring some joy to your chakras and spirit. […]

The Goddess Vision Spell

   (Morrigan, Celtic Goddess) If you seek divine guidance, get it from a goddess.  When you channel goddess energy in, it pumps up your divine feminine power! The following is a spell to get a message from your favorite deity. Scatter candles liberally but safely, around the room. Half-fill your small cauldron or large bowl with water and add some […]

Sex Spell: What Pleases You

A great way to cast a sex spell is to simply tell you partner what pleases you. There is something so hot about someone confident enough to let you know what gets them off. For some reason, people tend to get shy around telling their partner what would satisfy them in the boudoir. So maybe you want to get tied […]

Magick Cake Spell

This spell is not only fun, but it’s delicious. Next time you want to perform some kitchen magick, I recommend this one. It’s also a wonderful spell for your coven of girlfriends if you all want to conjure some of the same things. Let me know what kind of yummy and magickal cakes you make. Ingredients for spell Cake mix  […]

Lakshmi Success Spell

I had a request for a success spell that would be good for getting a job and bringing in money. I thought I would share it with you since it is quick and easy! This spell works with one of my favorite goddesses, Lakshmi. This amazing goddess is good to bring in wealth, prosperity, and love on the material and […]

A Good Old Fashion Travel Spell

This is an easy spell to help bring more traveling/journey into your life.  Get your passport ready! Magick tools needed: • A small hand held fan • Dish of fresh mint • A small light feather The fan should be a hand held, the kind that you wave. In other words an old school fan, like they use to do […]

Spell For Happiness

Every once in a while we need a little help with happiness. This simple and easy spell will help you conjure up a more happy and hit your j-spot ( joy spot). Get some white candles and think happy thoughts while saying the words ( see below). Say the spell slowly three times. The universe will take hold of your […]