My New Succulent, Ella..

My new succulent, Ella, wishes you a good morning. 💃🏾❤️ She is a Haworthiopsis Limifolia aka Fairy Washboard.. This succulent comes in a wide variety of species, this one is the ubomboensis which comes from the Umbombo Mountains of South Africa. A little magick tip: Since succulents store a lot of water in their leaves, charge your water with a specific intent […]

Time To Let Go…

So many of us try to hold on to the wrong things and people because of fear of the unknown or simply because we think “this is as good as it gets”. I always like to remind people to check in with their inner dialogue. How are you really doing?! Mediocrity is a choice. Living a life full of bullsh*t […]

Astronomy Alchemy- April 2018

Bringing two of my favorite things together astronomy and wine/spirits for a swirl of alchemy. Most people miss the connection of alchemy in wine and spirits, but it’s at the forefront of what goes into the bottle. Each month I use a tarot deck to channel a message for each sign and pair with a spirit or wine. Blessed be! […]

Tipsy Tarot- January 22, 2018-January 27, 2018

The pairing for the week is Mionetto NV Cuvée  Anniversario Brut and  the Angel Prayer’s Oracle.  The wine is a limited edition and in a special bottle to celebrate Mionetto’s 130 years. I paired with this deck because angels are consistently reminding us how special and unique we are. It’s the perfect pairing to celebrate yourself. This week the angels […]

Twinings Tea: Be You Best Blend

Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? Oh yes it is! It’s the perfect way get into Dry January and warm up as you drink to new beginnings. I had the pleasure of attending a Twinings Tea event in NYC featuring the Stephen Twining and radio host, Delilah. The night was dedicated to helping us be our […]

The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Himalayan Brown Bears, Bahamas Cruise, Hot Chocolate Mug Cake, Top Destinations, & Niagara IceWine Festival

Want to experience brown bears on a whole other level? There is a Himalayan Brown Bear Safari in India that will take you on an adventure to see this rare animal. The goal of the safari is to increase awareness of the endangered species as well as produce employment for local residents. It’s all for good so this is worth checking out. […]