Visit Phoenix: It Just May Surprise You

I’ve never been to Phoenix, but I’ve heard it’s stunning. I’ve gotten essential oils from there due to the state having a healing touch. Recently,

Palace Resorts: Adventures In The Sun With Good Food & Drink

Now would be a good time for a vacation wouldn’t it?! I mean really! Get away to relax and spend some time in the sun?

Belhurst Castle and Winery: Lady in White Food and Wine Pairing Dinner

As I mentioned in my travel predictions for 2017, wine tourism is going to be big. If you are looking for a wine region to

The Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, A Home Away From Home

When you think of Buenos Aires what’s your first thought? The first thing that came to my mind was Evita, actually Madonna as Evita. Besides

Hennessy: 250 Years of Cognac and Culture

There was a long–standing myth about cognac. For years people thought that cognac drinkers were either silver haired white dudes or rappers. While those two

IWINETC 2016 Barcelona: Wine Tourism, Cava, and Very Good Times

Oh Spain, say my name…say my name. I had the pleasure of going to Spain for the International Wine Tourism Conference on a press trip.