CÎté Mas Crémant de Limoux Brut & Truffle Brie

It’s #SparklingWineSunday which means it’s the perfect time for a wine and cheese pairing. Today’s situation is truffle Brie and CĂŽtĂ© Mas CrĂ©mant de Limoux Brut. It’s an orgasmic combination! The truffle brie is a luxury cheese if ever there was one.The very popular, Maison de la Truffe in Paris, buys Brie de Meaux then adds a layer of their black truffle to it.  Actually […]

Crémant A La Poire Recipe

The CrĂ©mant A La Poire cocktail is fabulously French and has two of my favorite ingredients, CrĂ©mant and Lillet. Both of them are staples in my apartment. CrĂ©mant is an affordable sparkling wine from France while Lillet is an apĂ©ritif wine from the small village of Podensac, France. If ever there was a sexy drink to conjure up during the […]

Fondue Au Crémant Recipe

This fondue made with sparkling wine is perfect for the holiday season (or just because) when you are entertaining or if you just want some comfort food when you watch Netflix. Let’s just say it takes kitchen magick to a whole other level. Use your favorite crĂ©mant for this recipe. I recommend Louis Bouillot Perle Noir or Louis Bouillot Perle […]

Pompette Notes: Frank CélÚbre Crémant

I had high expectations for the Frank CĂ©lĂšbre CrĂ©mant and it exceeded them. This is a fabulous crĂ©mant that I will keep stocked in my collection. Let’s just say it will rock your taste buds. It’s perfect for special occasions, weddings, and simply anytime you want bubbles. This one of the Finger Lakes finest sparkling wines. Chateau Frank specializes in […]