Heal Your Love Chakra

You say you are ready for love, but  are you really? There may be things blocking the doorway to your heart, so it’s time to  did you to check your baggage at the door so that your heart chakra can reboot. Everybody has baggage, there is no way of getting around it. When we are looking for the love of […]

Magickal Aromatherapy For A Cold

Colds are common when seasons change. In New York City right now everyone is coughing and hacking, which is so not sexy. When this happens it’s easy to pick up a bug. People forget to cover their mouths and touch things with their gems.  If you do happen to get a cold or a touch of the flu, essential oils […]

Love Spell To Bring Love

Sometimes the hardest thing to remember is how amazing love should be, especially when you feel like love is letting you down. Love is magick.  You have the power to conjure and manifest the love that you desire. Once you understand that, it can change your life. Sometimes our love energy could use a “reboot”. I thought I would share […]

Trust Your Instinct

Oprah calls them God whispers, others call it a gut, then there are those who call is intuition. How tapped into your intuition are you? It can be your best friend and greatest gift to yourself. There is power in listening to self. Many successful people say that they followed their own instinct to make the decisions that lead them […]