Yolanda Shoshana Live: Sippin’ with Shakespeare featuring Ortolan Rosolio Paired with Midsummer Night’s Dream

My livestream came back with a touch of Sippin’ with Shakespeare. I had the pleasure of chatting with Amy Navor and Rob Collier the creators of Ortolan Rosolio, a liquer made from heirloom roses and other botanicals. I actually didn’t know much about rosolio until Ortolan. Rosolio is an old-school Italian liqueur which derives its name from a herb called […]

The Historic Davenport Hotel

My adventure to the Lewis-Clark wine region in Idaho actually took me to Spokane,Washington. The airport in Spokane is of the easiest ways to get to get to Lewiston, Idaho since it’s a short drive away. It’s ideal if your goal is to taste different wines, because you can get a bit of Washington wine in before you head to […]

Angels and Wine

The other day I unexpectedly received two bottles of wine from Montes Winery. I had been checking out their wines because I love angels on wine labels. I was sent the Montes Cherub and Montes Twins. It was a lovely surprise to get them. I think that I like angels on wine bottles, because it brings two things that I […]

Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations For 2016

Wine Enthusiast Magazine announced the top ten wine travel destinations. I’ve have to admit that I really haven’t spent time in any of the locations. Who would have thought that Las Vegas would top the list?! I would love to spend time in South Africa, Bordeaux, or Austria should someone offer me a trip to wine country in those area. They […]