Eating Through Ithaca, New York

Years ago when I was thinking about colleges, I found out about a town in New York called Ithaca. It may seem strange that a girl from Houston who had never spent time around snow would pick a random town in New York. However, I had my eye on Ithaca College which is known for their theater program not to […]

Hostelworld: But You Hostel?

So, as you may know, I’m a bit bougie (about certain things). I’ve had the pleasure of going on some wonderful luxury trips. That being said, I had been thinking of checking out some hostels, because it appears to be a very interesting travel community. There are people of all ages who swear by them especially solo travelers due to […]

Courtyard by Marriott: Bistro Bar

Courtyard by Marriott had a killer launch party in downtown Manhattan to give a preview of their new Bistro Bar experience. It was a night filled with good eats, craft cocktails, and fresh herbs. I literally thought that I would be in and out of the event, but it was so fabulous, I couldn’t bare to leave. Guests at the […]

Adventure Time

It’s time for some new adventures. I’ve had the pleasure of going on some luxury  press trips around the world, but I feel like it’s time for me to spend some quality time exploring the East Coast and more of Canada. There are so many places in New York I still haven’t been, then Philly and D.C. are blowing up […]