Astronomy Alchemy- May 2018

Bringing two of my favorite things together astronomy and wine/spirits for a swirl of alchemy. Most people miss the connection of alchemy in wine and spirits, but it’s at the forefront of what goes into the bottle. Each month I use a tarot deck to channel a message for each sign and pair with a spirit or wine. Blessed be! […]

Tipsy Tarot: December 4, 2017- December 10, 2017

This week’s pairing is the Witchlings Deck and Bellisima Prosecco DOC Brut. The sassy witches are spreading some love and magick for us this week. The deck pairs perfectly with Christie Brinkley’s Bellissima  sparkling wine which means “extremely beautiful” in Italian. Who’s ready for a beautiful week? I know I am. The witches are conjuring in serenity, inspiration, and dreams. […]

Tipsy Tarot: November 27, 2017- December 3, 2017

  This week’s pairing is the Steampunk Tarot with Bluecoat Gin.   Something about Steampunk screams time for gin don’t you think? The sci-fi inspired genre filled with leather and attitude served up with Bluecoat Gin’s independent attitude is the perfect pairing. This week the Devil, Death, and Page of Cups is in the house. That has the makings of a […]

Three Candle Joy Spell

Got, joy? Life throws so many things our way, joy can be hard to find or hold on to. We all could use a more of it. Joy is considered different that happiness, because it’s a spiritual quality that is internal. It’s a state of being. Below is a spell that will bring some joy to your chakras and spirit. […]

Tipsy Tarot: November 13, 2017- November 19, 2017

Divination through tarot paired with wine/spirits This week’s pairing is the Angel Prayers Oracle cards with the Esprit Gassier Rosé Cotes De Provence. I love pairing  rosé with angel readings there is something about the wine that reminds me of the the essence of angels. The Esprit Gassier Rosé is a light yet vivacious just like angels. And esprit means “spirit” in […]

Tipsy Tarot: November 6, 2017-November 12, 2017

  Divination through tarot paired with wine/spirits This week’s pairing is the Santa Muerte Tarot paired with Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 2.  Skulls are a symbol of change in life and the Cognac is Yann Fillioux’s last batch as master distiller of’s the perfect pairing. The spirits have spoken and the 4 of Pentacles, The Fool, and the […]

Tipsy Tarot: October 30, 2017- November 5, 2017

  Welcome to the first edition of Tipsy Tarot… tarot paired with wine/spirits. This week’s pairing is the Halloween Oracle paired with Antica Black Sambuca, the mysterious black liqueur infused with witch elder bush, anise, and liquorice. How wicked! The spirits have spoken and the Joy, Owl, and Cauldron message is front and center: Make sure that you focus on […]