Slashers & Sips- Movie & Wine Pairings

Scream 4- Boneshaker  Zinfandel (Hahn Wines) It’s the time of year when people will pair Halloween movies with wine. That’s all good, but some of

Holiday Movie & Wine Pairings: Christmas & Crémant

Sparkling wine and movies are such a good pairing. It’s the time of year to binge on cheesy Christmas movies so why not pair them

Fifty Shades Freed Paired With Three Olives Vodka Black & Blue

When Fifty Shades of Grey hit the bookshelves, women are crazy for it. That craze help put the books on the big screen. As I watched

Bright: Booze Pairings for the Worst Movie of the Year

Netflix finally decided to do a big movie. They tapped Will Smith on the shoulder as the star of their first flick, Bright. It’s a

Movie, TV, & Wine Pairings: Rosé And Chill

Tis the season for rosé. Well, I think it’s always the season and don’t need a reason for the magickal pink elixir. June 10th is

Drink Up Gladiators: Get Something Red, Sexy, and Scandalicious to Sip On

Scandal is coming back baby! From the trailer it looks like Olivia and Fitz some moments that will require a sip (or two) of an