Bruja On Books: Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe For Every Sign

Astrology and food are two of my favorite things, but when you put them together it’s lit! Catherine  Urban swirled both together in Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe For Every Sign. She’s a horoscope columnist for and low-key foodie that seems to know a thing or two about a good recipe. Simon and Schuster sent me a copy […]

Bruja On Books: Food Whore

Current mood: Food Whore That about sums it up. Got up at 6am for my Fresh Direct delivery. The right food can get me up very early in the morning. 😀 Started cleaning and found this book which I didn’t realize I had. It’s even signed to me by Jessica Tom. So I’ve had the pleasure of being in the […]

A Bite-Sized History of France

I can’t tell you how excited I am to read, A Bite-Sized History of France, by Stéphane Hénaut and Jeni Mitchell. The history of French cuisine page after page. Yasss! Thanks to The New Press for sending me a copy. As ya’ll know I’m a huge Francophile so I will devour this book as I sip French wine. I look forward to […]