Join Francis Ford Coppola Winery and Food Network Kitchen For A Live Experience

I’ve always loved it when The Food Network does live shows. There’s nothing better than watching a chef cook as they answer questions from the

Enjoy National Chocolate Cake Day With A Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake

  Where the chocolate cake people at? It’s time to celebrate the best cake of all, because it’s “National Chocolate Cake Day”.The first chocolate cake

Perico: Venezuelan Eggs

A great dish to make for brunch is Perico, a colorful Venezuelan egg dish that means “paraket” in Spanish. It’s thought of as the island

Guinness Slow Cooker Stew

It’s time for another Crock-Pot adventure. Take your palate to Ireland and get in some love for St. Patrick’s Day with a slow cooker Guinness stew.

Crock-Pot Cooking With Leffe Blond

As usual on Sunday, I get in some kitchen magick. Today I have fired up my Crock-Pot to slow cook some kitchen.  I’m still using

Chrismukkah Crockin’: Breakfast Casserole

There’s nothing better than snuggling in with comfort food. A breakfast casserole made in the Crock-Pot is the perfect nosh for a holiday morning. The

Chrismukkah Crockin’: Holiday Ham

Ham tends to be a part of people’s Christmas table. The tradition goes way back when wealthy people in England would use a boar’s head

Chrismukkah Crockin’: Better Than Sex Cake

  Welcome to my Crock-Pot series for Chrismukkah. Each week I’ll share a recipe for slow cooking during the holidays. Why use the oven, when

Step Up Your Pasta Game: Benedetto Cavalieri and Marinara Sauce

Not all pasta is created equal. I think most people know that in theory, but getting a taste of really good pasta puts things into