Maker’s Mark Bourbon

I have to admit, I haven’t given much thought to Maker’s Mark Bourbon. As you know there are so many bourbons so little time. What’s a girl to do? Well, today I had a meeting about Maker’s Mark and got schooled. I never would have imagined that there is so much more to them. Now I know and consider me […]

Made With Monte

It has been a very festive holiday season. The parties started at the beginning of November and have been non-stop. To top it all, I’ve had so many lovely wine and spirit samples sent to me for  holiday cheer. I’m loving every minute of it. To my surprise, a bottle of Montenegro has showed up just in time for some […]

Witchcraft Cocktails: Three Olives Vodka Rind Stone Cowboy & Apple Martini

Labor Day is a a good day to sip on delicious cocktails. If vodka is your jam, Three Olives Vodka will please your palate. The hand-crafted small-batch vodka from England is available as an unflavored vodka, but also available in several unique flavored vodkas such as Fresh Watermelon, Apple Pear, Loopy, Cake, and Strawberry  to name a few. There are […]

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris

Virgin strawberry daiquiris are always a good time. They are perfect for all occasions and go great with food. I recommend using fresh strawberries versus frozen ones, but if that’s what you have, rock them. Play with this recipe and add or take away as you like. I throw in a little rose simple syrup to add some bang to […]