Blame It On The Henny…

Cognac has arrived. As you know I’m a big fan. It’s known as the king of brandy. The spirit is full of tradition, but there is some wonderful innovation going on. As you know Cognac is a favorite in the African American community. Next Saturday I’ll be getting into it during a happy hour for the New York Women’s Culinary […]

Netflix & Sip with Madam Pattirini Gin

Gin is a great spirit to use for “quarantine cocktails”. There are so many many gins to choose from, but when there is doubt a small batch gin like Madam Pattirini by Ogden’s Own Distillery is the perfect addition to your home bar. The name is inspired by Brigham Morris Young who appeared in public in drag as Madam Pattriini from the […]

Jaisalmer: Indian Craft Gin

When you think of having gin, you probably reach for a bottle of one from England, a country known for making amazing gin. It’s also become trendy to sip funky gins from Colorado or Oregon. Have you ever thought about exploring gin from India? Gin has become quite the hot spirit in India. It’s now the go to spirit for […]