Charming Cheese: Black Hennessy & Mon Père Brie

A little cheese and Cognac…oh yes. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Cognac and cheese are fabulous together, afterall the French do both of them

The Hôtel François Premier In Cognac, France

Cognac is a cute and charming town that’s filled with France’s hottest spirit known by the same name. It’s a town of only about 22,

Fondue Au Crémant Recipe

This fondue made with sparkling wine is perfect for the holiday season (or just because) when you are entertaining or if you just want some

Hennessy: 250 Years of Cognac and Culture

There was a long–standing myth about cognac. For years people thought that cognac drinkers were either silver haired white dudes or rappers. While those two

The 10th Edition of La Part des Anges Raised A Record Amount With Cognac

The 10th edition of the La Part des Anges charity auction of exceptional cognacs was held on night on September 22nd in Cognac, France, and

Celebrate Cognac Classics Week in New York City

I was invited for a cognac pub crawl preview for the first-ever Cognac Classics Week featuring Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège which runs from July 14th-July 21st.

Vin Chaud (French Mulled Wine) Recipe

In France, mulled wine is called Vin Chaud. There are many ways to make a mulled wine The French version adds a certain “ooh la