Wines To Pair With…Empire

The countdown has begun, Cookie and them are coming back on September 23rd. We have survived without Empire long enough. This premiere requires the proper wine and snacks. From the previews it looks like this season is going to be another wild one, so the proper wine must be in hand. Here are some of my picks for wines to […]

Ribera y Rueda: Wines From Spain

While at Wine Blogger Con luxuriating in the Finger Lakes, I had the opportunity to learn a little more about wines from Spain in the Ribera y Rueda seminar. The two regions have joined forces to promote their wines in a united front. Each region has something very unique and delicious to offer. In the Rueda region, you will find […]

Red Wine Hot Chocolate Recipe

Have you ever thought about adding red wine to your hot chocolate? It is a divine drink, that hits the spot. Not to mention two tasty aphrodisiacs. Serve some for a little comfort or to get yourself in a sexy mood. Santé‎! Red Wine Hot Chocolate Ingredients: 6 oz dark chocolate chunks or 3 tsp unsweetened dark cocoa powder 3-4 […]