Yolanda Shoshana Live: Sippin’ with Shakespeare featuring Ortolan Rosolio Paired with Midsummer Night’s Dream

My livestream came back with a touch of Sippin’ with Shakespeare. I had the pleasure of chatting with Amy Navor and Rob Collier the creators of Ortolan Rosolio, a liquer made from heirloom roses and other botanicals.

Ortolan Rosolio

I actually didn’t know much about rosolio until Ortolan. Rosolio is an old-school Italian liqueur which derives its name from a herb called Drosera rotundifolia, a species of sundew in Italy known by the Latin name that the name rosolio originated from—ros solis. Some believe the liqueur got it’s name from the fact that it primarily infused with rose petals. Besides roses other flavors include bergamot, lemons, fennel, citrus, etc.

What I know for sure is that Ortolan is fabulous. I had it in a wine glass with an ice cube, but I can’t wait to have it with some sparkling wine or in a cocktail. It’s the perfect addition to a homebar, because it’s so versatile. To find out more about this fabulous libation, click > right here.

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