Witch Predictions: Tiffany Haddish & Common

Tiffany Haddish and Common had a video chat on Bumble which started rumors, the streets were buzzing. Are they dating or not? Then they took it to another level with self-isolating together which then got the relationship rumors really got hot and poppin’. It’s highly possible that they have been dating since Haddish had her Bat Mitzvah, but that hasn’t been confirmed. The two were recently spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest. Looks like they continue to spend quality time together. Is this for the long haul or is this for the moment? Some have even suggested that it’s a PR stunt. 

My prediction:

I think they make an interesting couple, they look pretty good together. However, Common seems to run from real relationships quicker than someone trying out for the Olympic track team.  Yes, he has gone to see someone about this “relationship issues”. He says that he was more about the romance than actual relationships.  It’s nice that he can admit his past mistakes.  So.. will they last? It’s one of the first times that Haddish has not told us all of the details, as we know she loves to over share. That’s a sign that there’s a serious element to the relationship. I do see that he’s more than an “maintenance man” for her. 

As of now I don’t see this relationship lasting. It will run for a little bit longer, but it will slowly dissolve. Once quarantine and their schedules pick up, they will move on. Common will be ready to make his jump to the next thing. The relationship with Haddish is simply training for him as he tries to get over his relationship problems. Long story short, Tiffany can do better.

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