June 2020- Epicurean Horoscopes: Fruits & Vegetables

Epicurean Horoscopes: Fruits & Vegetables 

This month is dedicated to fruit and vegetables since this month is all about them.  There has always been magick associated with fruits and veggies. Remember when the witch poisoned the apple to take down Snow White. Your month promises to be less dramatic as you incorporate to pump up your vibe in June. Blessed be!

Aries- (March 21- April 19)

Sometimes it’s best to let go and let the universe take the wheel. When you surrender, it’s easier to get out of your own way. Things may not be the way you want them, but it’s not the time to give up. Maybe you are having a hard time due to a job loss. Now is the time to dig deep and get resourceful. Artichokes are perfect for your crown chakra, they will help you keep your mind right.

Taurus- (April 20- May 20)

The key ingredient for you this month is balance. A bit of work mixed in with play is what you need to get you through this crazy. Also exercise patience.  It’s no secret that people have been getting on your last nerve. Take a different perspective on it . Don’t allow meaningless BS to take you off your game. It’s an energy suck and you ain’t got time for that. Get those onions in for a dose of protection and healing.

Gemini -(May 21-June 20) 

It appears as though there is  loss going on in your life or the end of something. Within this time will be a message from your spiritual guide(s) so stay tuned. They will let you know how to proceed so listen closely. It’s a good time to trust your instinct, because it’s on point and won’t lead you astray. The tomato is the companion for the month with the ability to plug into personalities of exactly what you need.

Cancer – (June 21-July 22) 

It’s all about money honey. Take a good look at your finances and make a plan. While your  money may not be on point the way that you want, it doesn’t mean to  stop trying to come up with a financial plan so that you have a little more financial freedom. Getting your savings in check will help you take some of those trips you want to go on or buy a cute house if your heart desires. Apples not only keeps the doctor away, but is great for prosperity and abundance.

Leo- (July 23- August 22)

Your heart is expanding in ways that you weren’t expecting. Continue to stay open and see where it leads you. Maybe to a new relationship or new career. You are overdue for a change so follow your new bliss. The best part of it all is that you will have renewed inspiration.  It’s a good time to redecorate your home or take up painting. You go girl! Strawberries will add some pep in your step.

Virgo- (August 23- September 22)

Change is coming your way this month whether you like it or not so get ready.  The good news is this new beginning is going to be just what you needed. In fact, the universe wants to encourage you to make a big move. It’s a month of blessings so bask in them. Get in some grapes this month. They will assist with mental power as you make difficult decisions.

Libra- (September 23- October 22)

You have options babygirl and don’t you forget it. Move forward on one of them. Instead of wishing on things you want to do, go for it. Now is a good time even though it may not feel like it. Push that bubbling fear out of the way. Some of the seeds that you’ve planted are about to bear fruit. Your potential has no limits. It’s a really good time to enjoy some peaches, maybe with a bit of cream.

Scorpio- (October 23 -November 22)

The tide is beginning to turn.  There may have been some lost opportunities during this time, but all is not lost. Remember to be spontaneous every once and awhile, stop trying to plan everything that happens. As they say surrender to the universe for the answers that you need. Look for areas where you can have a fresh start. Sweet potatoes are your go to for a bit of harmony and grounding.

Sagittarius- (November 23- December 21) 

Your mind has been full lately of should haves, could haves, and maybes.  A pandemic can really mess with the mindset. Do yourself a favor and focus on abundance. Everything may appear to be all bad right now in fact you are doing better than most. Let your positivity lead you on a whole new journey. That being said, get in some spinach, it’s getting in your greens that bring prosperity.

Capricorn- (December 22- January 20

It’s a good time to reach out and lend a hand to someone in need. If you have a friend or family that has been going through a tough time,this is the perfect time to give them a little love. Afterall, you get back what you put out into the universe. A few loving words can help those who are grieving. Blackberries are wonderful to promote healing and love, use it as a source.

Aquarius- (January 21- February 18) 

Love is in the air, the question is do you really care? A part of you is like “meh, the other part of you is curious.An invitation is on the table, say yes. Sometimes you have to take a chance on love to find that special someone.  Trust your instinct, you will see that you have the green light to move forward. Figs bring on some love and divination for you this month.

Pisces- (February 19- March 20) 

Get ready for a plot twist.  It’s not like you haven’t experienced one before. Allow your creative juices to lead the way. Look forward to a little romance. Energy of the lovers popped up which has all the makings of love and harmony in your life. The magick vibe from cherries brings in a touch of Venus to bring out love energy.


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