Tipsy Tarot: May 11, 2020- May 17, 2020


This week’s pairing is with the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle and the La Marca Luminore Superiore Prosecco. Diving into a bit of divine feminine energy we come out with a little more magick as a new door opens. To celebrate all this goodness, pop open a bottle of the Luminore for the perfect pairing.

The cards selected were The Muses/Inspiration, Morgan La Fae/Magic, and Sheela Na Gig/Gateways.

It’s an interesting time and your energy may be a bit low. Keep on looking for things that inspire you. The smallest thing may be just what you need to ignite a little spark in you that becomes a passion project or your next move.

Looks like we have a cloud of magick coming our via the goddess Morgan Le Fae. She’s a reminder that you have unlimited power. Sometimes you forget to tap into due to stress and anxiety, but it’s always with you. 

A new path is about to open up which will take you an interesting journey. Don’t let fear creep up on you and stop your new course. You will be protected along the way so true in the process. The universe knows exactly what she’s doing.

Long story short, keep your head up and be on the lookout for things that inspire you. When you least expect it, something or someone will help you unleash some pent up creativity. Don’t forget how powerful you are. Everything you need is inside of you, dig deep baby. Be ready for a new adventure. Blessed be!

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