Culinary Courtesan Quick Bites: Sugar Monk, Carl’s Jr., Food Apps, Drink Wine Day & Hostess Cupcakes

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Show Notes

Sugar Monk in New York City

If you like a good speakeasy, check out Sugar Monk. It’s a gorgeous new speakeasy in Harlem, NY. You will feel like you are back in the times of the Harlem Renassiance. All of the cocktails on the menu are skillfully crafted and are named after artists or women  It’s the perfect date space or when you want a grown and sexy night out. Meoow!  Source: Sugar Monk

Carl’s Jr. Big Fried Cheese

Carl’s Jr. has a new burger called the Big Fried Cheese. Think thick grilled cheese mixed with a burger. The cheese used is cheddar and mozzarella that;s breaded and deep–fried and it oozes out. But for $3 the fried cheese can also be added as a topping to Carl’s Jr.’s other burgers, according to a news release. Source: Orange Country Register

Food  Delivery Apps

The food game has changed due to food apps. The food delivery industry is making up to $10 billion dollars a year. It has changed the way Americans get their food. Online delivery can be traced back to 1999, when a site called Seamless-Web began delivering to New York law firms. Seamless eventually merged with delivery app giant Grubhub. Today Grubhub is worth 4.5 billion dollars. BOOM! Restauarants are loving the apps because it is bringing them higher profits. It’s a win win situation!  Source: CBS News

Drink Wine Day 

National Drink Wine Day is February 18th. It’s kind of funny that there’s a day to celebrate drinking wine since some of us do that any way. The purpose of the day is to promote the love and health benefits of wine.  On this holiday, try a new wine… something that you’ve always wanted to try. You never know when you will find a new grape to fall in love with. Source: Drink Wine Day 

Hostess Mint Chocolate Cupcake

Hostess is releasing limited a limited edition cupcake for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the classic Hostess cupcake with a pale green frosting and filled with minty green cream. They’d probably be green with a shot of  Irish whiskey. Source: Taste of Home

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