Bruja On Books: Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe For Every Sign

Astrology and food are two of my favorite things, but when you put them together it’s lit! Catherine  Urban swirled both together in Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe For Every Sign. She’s a horoscope columnist for and low-key foodie that seems to know a thing or two about a good recipe. Simon and Schuster sent me a copy to check out. I absolutely love it.

As the book states, “Let your Stars Be Your Culinary Guide” I’m down for that, how about you? The book will assist you in finding the perfect dish for you and your guest that’s guided by the stars. 

When I flipped to the Scorpio section, I was very happy with the recipes especially for the Triple Chocolate Cupcakes and the Dark ‘N’ Stormy. There are some really good recipes throughout the whole book. I plan on making every single one of the dishes in the Capricorn section. Besides breaking down recipes for each sign there’s also advice on how to use astrology to plan your meals.


Food has always been a give part of culture, especially since the beginning of time. In fact people would spend days planning the perfect menu and cooking an elaborate meal for a community to come together. Why not tap into the stars to see what you should cooks. This kitchen witch totally is all about that. It’s a fabulous spin on a cookbook.

There are some mouth-watering photos of the food in the book. However note that the book focuses more on recipes for each sign and tips on swirling astrology into your’s the perfect addition to a star loving foodie. I give it a big thumbs up with a big “MIAM” (means yummy in French).

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