White Wines For The Holidays

During the holiday season, red wine seems to get all of the love. But let’s keep it real, not everyone is a fan of the red stuff. Some people love a good white wine all the time. In other words, drink what you like.

If you are looking for some wicked white wines to share or serve during this season here are my picks for a white Hannumas or Christmasakah.



Susana Balbo Crios Torrontés-

How I love wine from Argentina. People normally sleep in wine from the country and opt to go with a selection from France or Italy. If you want a white to serve with cheese or light appetizers the Susana Balboa Crios Torrontés is the right way to go. Balboa is highly revered for her wines and Crios is a part of her affordable every day wines collection.  This wine is fresh and vibrant on the palate with aromas of apples, lemon, and peaches. Good for empanadas and grilled food like chicken or eggplant.


Coppola Diamond Collection Chardonnay-

Francis Ford Coppola combined his love of film and wine together to make a wine wonderland in California. This wine is sourced from vineyards in Montterey and has plenty of critical acclaim. With notes of apple, melons, and guava. Great with snacks like popcorn, cheese and salami. Could be the perfect wine on Chrisrtmas Eve or Christmas with a little Chinese food.

Quinta Da Aveleda Vinho Verde-

Portugal is having quite a time. Finally people are giving  more love to the wines that include Vinho Verde. The wines are released 3-6 months after harvest so they are young wines. It’s produced in one of the oldest wine regions in Portugal. The Quinta Da Aveleda Vinho is an easy going white that you can pair with goat cheese, fish and chips, chicken fingers, and other light holiday grub.

Ca’ Maiol Molin Lugana-

This lovely wine is made with the Turbiana grape. It’s a smooth one that is easy to sip and savor.  Fabulous aromas of flowers, kiwi, and lavender. Perfect for when you are watchng Netflix. Some food that would make a perfect pairing is pasta, white cheese pizza, or truffle cheese. It’s a good one, you may one to get more than one bottle. 


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