Loacker Hazelnut Brownies



It’s no secret that I love sweet treats. I also have a special place on my palate for French and Italian desserts. Right after I returned from a press trip to Italy, I was invited to an ice cream event in NYC hosted by Loacker.

Loacker is an Italian company producing wafers and other chocolate specialties. It was founded in 1925 as a family company by Alfons Loacker. All products are produced and processed in Auna di Sotto/Unterinn (South Tyrol/Italy) and Heinfels (East Tyrol/Austria).  They pride themselves on using clean air and water which is part of the Dolomites. Family recipes are used with all of the ingredients used in their products are natural and raw. There’s no artificial flavors,  no added colors, and no preservatives.

There are several wafer flavors to choose from. Personally, I love the Chocolat and Gardena. They are also great to use as an ingredient in desserts.

If you are looking for a dessert to serve during the holiday, Loacker Brownies would be a good place to start . The Loacker Hazelnut Brownies is a quick and easy recipe that you can use for entertaining or for a little comfort food at home.

Loacker Hazelnut Brownies


*1 box of your favorite brownie mix 

*Loacker chocolate-covered wafers *Hazelnut Quadratini (just a few) 

*bag of chocolate chips 

*1 jar of your favorite Chocolate fudge 


Prepare brownie mix as directed on box *Crush Loacker chocolate-covered wafers and chocolate chips in a separate dish *Add wafers + chocolate chips into finished batter *Bake as directed on box *While brownies are baking, crush Hazelnut Quadratini

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