Citrico Brooklyn: Real. Good. Mexican

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When I moved to NYC years ago, everyone made fun of the subpar Mexican food. Somewhere along the way, the city went from Mexican fine dining to “meh”. In the past few years, there has been an influx of Mexican people who have decided to NYC home. That means that Mexican grub as gotten so much better. 

I’m happy to report that there’s a nice number of Mexican restauarants worth trying. There’s a quaint colorful Mexican spot in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn that gives diners an authentic Mexican experience without getting on a plane.

Citrico is a family owned restauarant influenced by recipes from the southern states of Mexico including Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Husband and wife team, Noor and Luis, decided to start the eatery after their years of experience in the food world.  They use fresh ingredients and make most things in house with the common theme being citrus which is what Citrico means in Spanish. The tagline for the spot is Real. Good. Mexican.

I was invited to go taste some of their grub and see what they are all about, Noor was a gracious host as she walked me through the menu and we chatted about her husband, Luis, who is the chef of the restaurant

Now you know I ordered a margarita immediately.  A blood orange margarita to be exact. I started with the chips and guacamole. There is also an array of homemade sauces to dip your chip in. 

I ordered the Ensalada Ofelia, which is a pretty filling salad. It’s a mix of watercress, grape tomatoes, pineapple, radish, pepitas, queso blanco, lemon mustard vinagrette garnished with crispy taro root.

There tends to be happy hour specials during the week. There’s always something going on for Taco Thursday. For the vegans, Citrico has you covered. When you check the menu you will see a section just for you.

Make sure you try the Coconut Margarita. It’s divine. It’s not to sweet even though, I imagined that it would be. The best part is the topping of fresh coconut. 

Next time you are in the BK and craving Mexican food stop by Citrico. I also have a feeling it’s a pretty poppin’ during brunch. 


Citrico Brooklyn

681 Washington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238

IG: CitricoBK