Cameron Hughes Wines: Sip While Bougie On A Budget

Cameron Hughes was destined to be in the wine. He grew up in Modesto California’s Central Valley, one  of America’s largest wine growing areas. Plus his father worked for a wine group. It was all meant to be.

In 2001, Hughes founded a company with this namesake. At the time, he was dating, Jessica Kogan, who became his business partner. She didn’t know wine, but she knew marketing and public relations. It wasn’t all glitz and glamour in the beginning. They started working out of a Volvo station wagon with it being tough for a few years. It was getting their wine into Costco that gave them the lift they needed .

Cameron Hughes Wines had their own winery for a few years, but decided to go in a different direction. Their goal was to have quality wine at an affordable price. As a négociant, they don’t own vineyards or a winery. Instead Hughes meets with winemakers around the world to buy wine by the barrel or an excess of wine that is already bottled. The deals are discrete so the winery is never disclosed and a Cameron Hughes label goes on the bottle. The wine is sourced from France, California, Oregon, Italy, Spain, and  South Africa. This means that you could be drinking a $60 wine that you picked up for $15. I call that a winning wine situation!

 After some time with Costco, they decided the best move for them was the direct to consumer space. It’s currently the only way to get the wines. You can join their wine club to get reds, whites, or a mixed box. If you don’t want to commit to a club, do a one off of a bottle that sound like something you would fancy. There are quite a few options to choose from. You can always go to with one of the staff picks .

Red wines tend to be what their fans love the most. Some of their top sellers are the Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Red Blends. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jessica Kogan and asked her to break it down for me: 

Texas loves Cabernet

The East Coast vibes on Cabernet and Pinot Noir

The Midwest digs a Red Blend

California loves all the wine, it’s all good

Before being sent a bottle of their Chardonnay from Oregon, I didn’t know much about Cameron Hughes Wines. The wines are perfect for people who enjoy wine adventures for their palate or someone who wants to try a different wine region. If you see a wine that turns you on, be sure to get. Once it sells out, baby it’s gone. Cheers! 



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