#FoodHistoryFriday: Muffins

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Happy #FoodHistoryFriday! Let’s get down and dirty with a muffin. There was two types of muffins the English and American style. Today’s focus is the American version.

The term “muffin” is derived from the old French word , moufflet which means applies to bread and means soft. American muffins are in the quick bread family and weren’t developed until the 18th century, it’s also when the first muffin recipe made its way to print.

When muffins were first baked in the US, they had fewer ingredients than they do today. It was around the 1950’s that companies introduced muffin mixes. By the 1960’s everybody and their mama wanted a muffin, it was the trend that was in. Around the 1970’s is when muffins entered into the  breakfast scene. More women entered the workplace so there wasn’t time for full on breakfast at home. Enter in Sara Lee who offered frozen muffins that could quickly be heated up on the oven. As in “honey take this muffin and get yourself to work…” Along the way muffins took a turn and became larger and sweeter.  Some called it an identity crisis…basically a healthy little baked gem became a mini cake at breakfast time.  The good news is that there are healthier options in the muffin game ( clearly that’s not the way I went. :P). It’s also great to bake your own at home so that you know exactly what ingredients to into them. Cheers to the muffin!

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