Lunch with Galil Mountain Wines at Gramercy Park

During the past weeks I’ve been talking about the first blog that I ever had, Kosher Soul Food. It was where I highlighted Jewish food from around the globe to show Jewish diversity.  I never talked much about kosher/Israeli wine, because at the time it was rather “meh”. In the last few years, it’s been exciting to see what is happening with wine in Israel.

Leading the way is Galil Mountain Winery part of a joint venture with Golan Heights Winery. Galil Mountain Winery preserves the delicate balance between tradition and technology. The winery has a focus on sustainability, generating sustainable relationships with the earth, and the vineyards growing from within it.


I recently attended a wine lunch at Gramercy Tavern hosted by Winemaker Michael Avery featuring the latest releases of Galil Wines. Avery was on his first tour of the United States with the wines. When he introduced himself, I was taken aback since his accent was Australian and not Israeli. Michael has been exposed to grape on his family’s farm in Australia, surrounded by vineyards. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry as well as an additional diploma in Wine Technology and Marketing, and a Master’s degree in Winemaking. Previously working for sister winery, Golan Heights Winery, Michael joined the sustainability focused Galil Mountain Winery team in 2018. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the winemaking process and operation of the winery. When ‘s not making wine, he loves to surf…just like any Aussie.

The day kicked off with the Galil Mountain Rosé 2018. As they say, tis the season to rosé..A lovely pink wine with aromas of strawberries and flowers.

The rest of the wine special guests included:

Galil Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Galil Mountain Merlot 2017

Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Galil Syrah 2017

Galil Ela 2014

Galil Alon 2014

Galil Yron 2015

While I loved all of the wines, I lean toward the Galil red wines. There are great, especially paired with a meal. Galil Ela remains one of my favorites. It’s a blend of the four red grapes: Barbera, Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Grenache. The aromas are plum, blackberry, and brown butter.


Baby Romaine Salad

Strawberry, Parmesan, Sunflower Seed

Fried Tilefish

Green Tomato, Chile Almonds

Roasted Beef Sirloin

Caraflex Cabbage, Salsa Verde, Potato

Selection of Cheeses

Galil Wines has a great wine that’s affordable and perfect for all your pairing situations. Make sure that you pick up a bottle to get your palate going on Israeli wines. It’s a region that has been overlooked, but has so much to offer!  L’chaim!

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