Frescobaldi Laudemio Olive Oil

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OMG! Olive oil has arrived and not just any ole’ oil.

I get as excited about olive oil samples as I do wine and spirits. As you know… a good EVOO is like a good wine. Totally thrilled to get this bottle of Laudemio ( Special Gold Edition)  made by the world famous winery, Frescobaldi.

The unique name of the oil, “Laudemio” was the name of the best part of the harvest during the Middle Ages. This bottle is from the 30th harvest. It’s crafted from the purest cold-pressing of perfectly whole Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino olives from the family’s property in the hills surrounding Florence. I’ll be using it to making marinara sauce. It’s a pasta and red sauce kinda night. I’ll probably even pair the pasta with a Frescabaldi wine. BOOM! 💃

What does your EVOO situation look like? Do yourself a favor and get really good one, then taste it. cook with it. You will immediately taste the difference.