McCormick Wants You To Find Your Summer Hit

July officially kicks off BBQ season. Are you ready? That means gatherings with your favorite people as you sip wine and eat your favorite foods from the grill.  

When you get your squad together for good times and good food, don’t forget to find your summer hit. Thanks to McCormick I will be putting together a few playlists for ambience.

McCormick has been a part of my cooking tradition for as long as I can remember. It all started with my mom who is a fabulous cook. In her kitchen cabinet were some of the well known McCormick spices and seasoning such as: Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, Black Pepper, Allspice and Garlic Salt. Then there’s the Yellow Mustard which I know I put on a fair share of burgers when I was growing up. My main go to now is the Old Bay Seasoning. I guess you could say that it’s 50 Shades of McCormick, they always have something for everyone depending on what’s cooking. 


I had the pleasure of going to their event in New York City where they had a music and food experience. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Pitmaster Myron Mixon were in the house to give a demo on a had a big BBQ pit build that plays music whenever something is set on the grill. As Jazzy said, “sometimes people forget how important the music is at a BBQ”. Isn’t it the truth?! 

As you get your grill on this summer, don’t forget to season your meats and veggies properly. McCormick has a great variety of seasonings to choose from depending on if you are going with meat, chicken, or veggie options. The right spice could be a game changer when it comes to your dish so don’t be shy when seasoning, get it in there.

Last but not least, don’t forget your playlist. I just created a Pompette Playlist for when you want to drink pink. Afterall, rosé is great for a barbecue that goes for still or sparkling. The recommended wines are either Piper-Heidsieck Sauvage Rosé or Chandon Rosé Brut. It all depends on if you are feeling fancy for Champagne or bougie for California Brut. Cheers! 


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