Trade: The Coffee Matchmaker That Helps People Fall In Love With Coffee

Where my coffee lovers at? There’s so much cofffe and so little time. How does one decide which one to try? Let the coffee matchmaker, Trade, find your match.  All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire and it will suggest coffees for you that you will love. Of course, you can be like me and go rogue, just go for coffee that sounds really good.

If you can’t decide which coffee floats your boat let Trade select new coffees for you in a personalized subscription. They do all the work. If you have been drinking the same coffee for years, why not throw caution to the wind and let Trade show you what you may be missing.

They offer two different coffee subscriptions for coffee lovers:  The Classics and The Hook-Up. The Classics are for those who like easy to love blends while The Hook-up offers over 400 selections for you to enjoy.

You can get good coffee from state to state without getting on a plane. While traveling is amazing, one doesn’t always have the funds or time to go. Let Trade hook that up. Basically you have access to over 400 coffees from 50 kickass roasters around the US.

I knew absolutely nothing about Trade until I was invited to a brunch that they hosted in downtown Manhattan. I thought “okay cool, sounds like a hipster concept”, then I met their Director of Coffee, Erika Vonie. First of all Vonie is a Coffee Masters Champion ( yes, I said Coffee Master) and a Q Arabica Grader, She has a wealth of knowledge about coffee. I learned so much from her in the short time I spent with her. It made me want to step up my coffee game. Right now it’s just me and my French press taking on the world a brew at a time.

Since times are slowly, but surely changing I had to ask Vonie about diversity in coffee. The industry has been full of white dudes which is all good, but what about women or people of color? As we all know, historically people who have picked coffee beans are brown and have gotten short changed in the industry. It was refreshing to hear that she is making sure that Trade works with brands that promote diversity and give workers a fair wage.

Are their other coffee subscription services, well sure, more than a few. However what’s the quality of the coffee they will be sending you? That is the question. Next time you are looking to fall in love with what’s in your coffee cup,  Trade has your back.

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