Tasting with Bottega SpA in NYC

 If there’s a wine that I’m picky about, it’s Prosecco. I have to honestly say that I’m not a huge fan of the wine, I tend to prefer other sparkling wine from Italy instead. However I’m always on the lookout to find a Prosecco that I love. When it happens, I’m delighted. That’s where Bottega SpA comes in.

A few years ago during Prosecco Week in NYC, I had the pleasure of tasting Bottega Gold for the first time. I enjoyed the crisp wine and the decorative gold bottle. Fast forward to recently when I got to have lunch at Quality Italian with Sandro Bottega, owner and managing director of Bottega.

Bottega isn’t like a majority of Prosecco on the market. It sets itself aside by being more of a luxury sparkling wine which you may notice by the luxurious bottles. The wine is produced in the Valdobbiadene hills in Northern Italy. The gold bottle protects the wine from the light which preserves it longer. The company has been around since 1635 first making sparkling wine, then started Bottega Distillery in 1977 where they produce vermouth, grappa,vodka, and other spirits.

When Sandro Bottega is in the room it’s hard not to pick up on his energy and passion for Prosecco. His goal is to have drinkers understand what they are drinking and the process of how a good Prosecco is made.

We went through a virtual tasting of six vintages of the Prosecco. It’s always interesting to see how wine changes throughout the years. After the tasting bottles of Bottega Gold, Bottega Rosé Gold and Bottega Platinum were flowing to go with the food that included truffle pasta, Italian cheeses, salad, and bruschetta.

Bottega has some very food friendly bottle of bubbles and can be used during celebrations. You will find it at front and center at Duty Free when you are traveling, because it’s a top seller for people who travel. In other words when you are seeing the world and looking for good bubbles, Bottega SpA has you covered.



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