Ortzi In NYC: The Spanish Gin & Tonic Experience

I was invited to preview the new gin and tonic cocktails by Jose Graces at, Ortzi, his Basque-inspired restaurant at the LUMA Hotel Times Square. The restaurant is in the heart of Times Square and serves up Basque pintxos and main dishes. It’s like taking a trip to Basque Country without leaving NYC.  You will find region favorites on the menu such as  Albondigas (beef meatballs),  Jamón Serrano, Croquetas de jamón, and Manchego.

Did you know that gin and tonics are a big thing in Spain? It’s one of the top gin-consuming countries. A bar in Barcelona may have as many as 50 different gins to choose from for your cocktail. There are even bars in Spain that are devoted to only the gin & tonic.

Listen.. normally I give a side-eye to gin and tonics, because I find them to be a big bore. I had no idea that Spain was all about the G & T and I found out why. They have mastered the cocktail in a way that takes it to a whole other level. I  had a lovely Rose G & T that had a hint of rose water, and  a rose in the ice made with the French gin, Diplôme Dry Gin.

Ortzi has taken some of the best gins around and infused them with flavors that make wicked cocktail options. What makes a Spanish G & T so unique is the use of different herbs and flowers. The cocktail is also served in a Cabernet glass versus a highball glass which is common in the US.

When you want to truly experience a gin & tonic that has come elegance, stop by Ortzi. They have added several gin & tonic cocktails  to their menu to give you a Spanish experience. If you are in the mood for something else, they have a happy hour every day with wine, beer, and cocktail specials. It’s a wonderful spot to grab small plates and sip with a friend or your special someone.


120 West 41st Street 
New York, NY 10036

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