Château de Berne Rosé- Inspiration, Romance & Up

Oh yesss, some of y’all are on rosé countdown. Let’s clear up two myths.The first one is that you should only drink rosé during the summer. Honey, you can have rosé anytime you want! In fact you should be drinking it year round. It goes great with so many foods. Why wait until a certain time of year to have it?! Treat yo’self to rosé all the time. As for the second myth.. white girls are the only ones who LOVE rosé. Can we stop that racist myth once and for all. I mean, really?! I’m a chocolate girl who loves to get my rosé on and I know plenty of women from other races who love it as well. Not to mention more men are starting to drink pink. Long story short, rosé lovers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

That being said..I had the pleasure of trying on the new rosé releases from Château de Berne. They are a Côtes de Provence AOP producer and have been cultivating grape vines for almost three centuries. My favorite region for rosé is Provence. It’s a wine that they’ve mastered and it makes up for 90% of their wine production.

The winemaker, Alexis Cornu, was in the house to walk us through a tasting of three of the Domaine’s latest releases: Romance, Inspiration, and UP. All are fabulous for your different rosé moods. This is my second year trying their wines and once again, I give them a big thumbs up.

Inspiration 2018 is a what you would call a classic rose. The medium bodied wine is a a blend of Grenache (50%) Cinsault (30%) Syrah (20%). It gives off lovely floral notes with a touch of herbs. As you sip you will feel like you are strolling through Provence.

Romance 2018 is a aromatic delight with scents of flowers and fruit.  The gorgeous bottle fits the wine perfectly. The light wine is perfect for sipping or pairing with a light meal.

As for Up 2018’s a bold, spicy, and elegant blend produced by Ultimate Provence.  It’s a top of the line rosé all the way. The blend of Grenache and Syrah are smooth, yet vivacious on the palate. This elegant wine comes in a etched designer bottle.

Each of the wines are unique and come in a designer bottle, perfect for keeping when you are finished with the wines. Be on the look out for Château de Berne. 


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