The Vivanco Experience In La Rioja, Spain


If you are looking for a wine experience Spain should be at the top of your list. Normally people focus on France and Italy for wine tourism, but know that Spain has a lot to offer when it comes to wine.  Did you know that La Rioja, Spain has over 500 wineries? Sounds like a lot of good wine to check out. Vivanco Family Wines has taken tasting their wine a step further by creating The Vivanco Experience.

It’s specifically developed for English speakers visiting La Rioja, Spain. The Vivanco Experience invites visitors to maximize the highlights of the winery, museum and restaurant in a condensed 2-4 hour window.

“Come and discover a world of sensations through our Winery and Museum Guided Tour. This is a complete and exclusive experience with a unique vision of Wine Culture,” stated Santiago Vivanco. “You will uncover the best Museum of Wine Culture in the world and a state-of-the-art winery surrounded by our rolling vineyards.”  

The Museum of Wine Culture was inaugurated in 2004 by H.R.M. King Juan Carlos I and has since been visited by dignitaries, celebrities and athletes. Vivanco Foundation’s 4,000-piece private art collection is an educational magnet for wine lovers. Featuring artifacts that span the creative genius of ancient civilizations to modern day artwork by the likes of Picasso and Miro, the 8,000-year relationship between wine and humankind is unified in one spectacular destination. Among the many awards The Museum and its Foundation have been granted, the UN World Trade Organization Ulysses Award marked the sustained efforts in innovation by the Culture of Wine Program. Vivanco has welcomed over 1 Million visitors in its time, while it continues to attract new and returning fans each year.

Vivanco Experience Tour:

  • Walk through the world-renowned 13,000 square foot Culture of Wine Museum where you receive a captivating new outlook about the history of winemaking and the art that inspired it.

  • Taste a selection of Vivanco’s finest wines: Viura Tempranillo Blanco-Maturana Blanca, Vivanco Reserva, Vivanco Crianza, and Colección Vivanco Parcelas de Garnacha.

  • Free entrance to the temporary exhibition “Dionysian Picasso”.

Vivanco Experience Tour & Paired Gourmet Tapas Menu:

  • Vivanco Experience Tour.

  • A culinary experience with a 3-Wine Tasting, paired with a special Gourmet Tapas Menu at Vivanco’s Tapas Bar.

Vivanco Experience Tour & Seasoned Paired Menu:  

  • Vivanco Experience Tour.

  • A complete culinary experience with a Food and Wine Pairing Seasonal Menu at Restaurant Vivanco. Indulge in traditional dishes of La Rioja with a modern twist all while taking in an unparalleled view of the vineyards and mountains.

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