Art Of Plating: Pa Pa Thai In New York City

My weeks can be real busy, so I love getting take-out on Friday nights. I recently tried the art of plating for the first time with some grub from Pa Pa Thai. Not that I haven’t made my food look all pretty before, but this time the plating was done with intent. My dinner for the evening  was Fried Jeeb with a sweet chili sauce ( fried chicken dumplings) and Spicy Fried Rice with chicken. The perfect dish for a chill Friday night. 

My inspiration for making my take-out experience a bit fancy was, Maria Nyugen, the founder of the popular site, The Art of Plating. I had the pleasure of being on a press trip with her in Buenos Aires a few years ago where I learned about the concept. She was recently on GMA and teaching people how to plate take-out. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Living in NYC makes take-out a real easy option when one doesn’t feel like being in front of a stove.

Normally I just throw take-out on a plate if I even bother to take it out of the container. This is mainly due to being hungry AF after a long day. I found that plating made me more mindful of what I was eating.

I think I did okay for my first attempt at plating. Of course, I’ll keep practicing. I recommend trying it, especially so that you take the time with that you are eating. Food is magick, so try to slow down and enjoy it.


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