Tipsy Tarot: February 4, 2019- February 10, 2019

To kick off the month of love, I went with an oracle deck  and wine from France. How could I not…French is the language of love. The deck was the second that I got in French and it was created for a spiritual experience. As for the wine, Maison Trenel, makes wonderful wines from Beaujolais and Burgundy. When translated it means potential for spiritual enlightenment. That has all the makings of the perfect pairing.

This week has brought in The Refuge, The Phoenix, and Family.

Listen up because the Refuge has arrived to let you know that it’s a time for some “me time”. Spend some quality time with yourself. There are lots of ways to do this. It could be spending more time at home, go on a mini getaway, or do something that you’ve always wanted to do without waiting for someone to join you.

This Phoenix brings in “death” as in a transformation. Consider this a very good thing. It’s still early in 2019 which means a change could lead you in a direction that is exciting and rewarding. Most people stay put…afraid of changes because of fear of the unknown. When the universe takes the wheel, magick happens.

Oh yes, family…how tricky this can be. In this case, lean on family if you are going through a little something. For those of you in a serious relationship, be on the lookout for a proposal or the “let’s live together” conversation.  That big relationship shift is finally coming your way.

Long story short:

Get in some “me time” to get grounded. It’s a good month for some healing.  Change is in the air. Just know that it’s good changes. While you may not be prepared for all of it, remember to with the flow. You will land on your feet. Depend on your family where it counts. Your relationship is on it’s way to becoming exactly what you want. All the best with your heart chakra. Blessed be.

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