Celebrate Tu Bishvat With Yarden Wines

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As I have repeatedly mentioned Israel is a wine region worth checking out. In the past few years, the way that has been coming from the area has been giving wine from France and Italy a run for their money.

A lot of the credit for Israel becoming a force to be reckoned with in the wine world is due to Victor Schoenfeld of Yarden Wines. He has been the head winemaker for the winery since 1992 and thought of as the one of the biggest influencers in developing stellar wine in Israel. Yarden Wines is a combo of two wineries: Golan Heights Winery and Galil Mountain Winery.

They are the first  international winery to receive the LODI RULES certification for sustainability. The winery is likes to promote, Tu Bishvat, which is the New Year of the Trees. The holiday originated in ancient times and was based on the date chosen for calculating the agricultural cycle for first-fruit offerings to the Temple of Jerusalem. Throughout the years Tu Bishvat has become focused on our connection to the Earth and what we can do to protect it.

A mixture of dried fruits and nuts

A wonderful way to celebrate the day is to plant a tree, attend an event about the environment, spend time in nature, and enjoy a Tu Bishvat meal of fruits and tree nuts. I’m thrilled that Yarden sent me a bottle of  Galil Ela 2014 to celebrate the holiday.

The wine is named after an indigenous tree from the Middle East that is part of the pistachio family. The Galil Ela wine is an elegant velvety and silky texture, and a violet color. The wine displays characters of plum, red cherry and blueberry, accompanied by aromas of spice, mint and bark.

Don’t forget to spend some quality time in nature and enjoy a glass of wine from a sustainable winery. Yarden Wines has you covered. Cheers!