Tipsy Tarot: December 31, 2018- January 6, 2019

The week’s pairing is Crystal Head Aurora Vodka and Santa Muerte Tarot. I chose this tarot deck due to the changing energy from 2018 to 2019. Skulls represent living life to the fullest and going big. The deck pairs perfectly with Crystal Head Aurora Vodka. The skull bottle is created as a symbol of life, reflecting power, and enlightenment. The bottle and deck are the perfect pairing.

The cards that have dropped for this week are five of pentacles, four of pentacles, and king of swords.

The five of pentacles is here to remind you to have faith. Maybe at the end of the year you had lost a little faith in yourself. It was a bumpy challenging year so of course a part of you was exhausted from all of the challenges. Time to pick up your self-esteem and dust it off. Let go of 2018 so that you can let in all the things meant for you in 2019.

Now let’s chat money shall we. Of course you want more cha ching. You probably have even sworn to get down to business with your finances in this new year. This is a good move. Do yourself a favor and don’t compare your bank account to a friend or family member. Instead of worrying about other people’s money, put the energy on your own. Do what you have to do to build up a “fluffy” savings account. Believe in the abundance and it will show up.

Give a fist pump to the king of swords who showed up to remind you that you have everything that you need to success. Tap into your personal power. Be ready to unleash the power into your goals and dreams. So many opportunities await.

Long story short:
Even when things look like they aren’t working out, keep the faith. You are a bee and money will be your honey. Abundance will show up in many forms. Long story short, personal power is the key ingredient to getting what you want, always pump it up. Blessed be.

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