Tipsy Tarot: December 17, 2018- December 23, 2018

This week’s Tipsy Tarot pairing is the Gypsy Palace Tarot and Amaro Montenegro. If ever there is a witchy spirit filled with magick it’s amaro. The spirit is an Italian herbal liqueur that means “bitter”. It infuses 40 botanicals from around the globe. It’s one of my favorite spirits to play with. Gypsies are known for their magickal powers which is why it’s the perfect magickal paring with the Amaro Montenegro.


Showing up to give a message this week is the two of swords, nine of cups, and six of pentacles.

The two of swords is in the house to get help you get clarity about that thing we aren’t clear on. You have so many questions about what the future holds with choices that are before you. While denial is a part of the process, eventually a decision has to be made. What are you waiting for? You know what you need to do.

While you explore your options know that the nine of cups brings a wish come true. Just know that whatever you decide is the best decision. No need to beat yourself up over a “should I’ or“could I”, trust your intuition. It will lead the way,

Last but not least is the six of pentacles, let’s talk about money. Girl, it looks like the cha-ching is about to be on point. Either a bonus or very luxurious gift is about to show up for you. Embrace all of it, you deserve it.

Long story short:
Don’t let a big decision weigh you down. Try to enjoy all of the opportunites, even the small ones. Something that you asked the universe for is about to be granted. You ready? Get into formation for it. The bonus is either money is coming your way or a very expensive gift. Basically you are winning. Enjoy it!  Blessed be!

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