The FIZZ Is Female: Featuring Women In The Sparkling Wine Biz

Blaine Ashley brought her bubbly concept, The FIZZ Is Female, to New York City. The three day event popped off to celebrate women in wine, media, sommeliers, marketing, and restaurateurs.

Blaine Ashley and The Leading Ladies In The Fizz Biz Panel

The opening day panel featured some of the most influential women in the wine community including:

  • Susan Kostrzewa, Executive Editor of Wine Enthusiast Magazine
  • Pauline Lhote,Winemaker, Chandon California
  • Rita Jammet, La Caravelle Champagne
  • Tawnya Faulkner, Le Grand Courtage
  • Lisa Mattson, Director of Communications, Jordan Vineyard & Winery
  • Jen Pelka, The Riddler SF

The two hour event took place at Corkbuzz in Union Square. The panel went into how even though women consume copious amounts of Champagne and sparkling wine, the business is still largely run by men. Women of color tend to be ignored in the marketing campaigns. Another hot topic was that consumers tend to call all sparkling wine “Champagne” even when they know they are drinking Prosecco or Cava. There is still more education to do when it comes to bubbly.

After the panel there was a tasting at the Washington Square Hotel for the new bubbles Thomson & Scott Skinny Champagne. The Champagne is new to the U.S. and wants to be transparent about what’s in the bottle,

The closing soiree was the Poppin’ Bottle Party featuring Chandon USA at the new speakeasy Gibson and Luce located in the the hotel. There were minis, magnums, and sparkling wine cocktails.

Poppin’ Bottles Soiree at Gibson & Luce. Me and winemaker, Pauline Lhote of Chandon California

It’s always nice to be able to share space with other women in the wine world. So many amazing women are doing such fabulous things, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why events like The FIZZ is Female is so important. The women in the booze world need to have more time together to high five each other and toot our own damn horns. Cheers to that!


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