Tipsy Tarot: November 19, 2018-November 25, 2018

This week’s pairing is with the Vintage Wisdom Oracle paired with Château de Berne Inspiration Rosé. The oracle cards are created from  vintage French postcards and artwork to bring a touch wisdom to the soul. The rosé is produced in Provence with notes of berries and pomegranate. French wisdom and French wine are the perfect pairing.

The cards are coming through with faith, choice, and beauty.

Time to remember the “bigger picture”. When you are frustrated because you aren’t getting your way, stop for a minute and find your faith. A delay doesn’t always mean a denial. There are things that have to fall into place. Sometimes the universe is setting you up for something even bigger.

When you are faced with a decision have fun with your choices. Don’t let them stress you out. Having options is a privilege. The only thing that you have to remember is “to thine own self be true”.

It’s a good time to be grateful. Take time to reflect on all the things that are beautiful in your life.

Long story short:

Keep the faith, the universe has your back. Everything is working out in your favor. It’s good to have choices. All you have to do is remember your truth. There is so much beauty in your life. Give it up for gratitude. The universe will respond in kind. Blessed be!


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