Holiday Movie & Wine Pairings: Christmas & Crémant

Sparkling wine and movies are such a good pairing. It’s the time of year to binge on cheesy Christmas movies so why not pair them with some Crémant? Bubbles and cheese are always a good way to please.

Crémant is the sparkling wine that you should give some serious love to. Think of it as a sister to Champagne. While it may have fewer bubbles, it will give you feeling of joie de vivre and is more affordable than Champagne. 

Get in some Christmas and Crémant with some of my  movie and wine pairings.

1. Christmas Inheritance ( Netflix)
This is one of those surprise movies that you find on Netflix when you least expect it. Before heiress, Ellen Langford, can get the family business she has to deliver special Christmas letters for her dad’s former partner in a small town. Of course, she gets stranded in this town and then all the magick happens. However, Ellen has to figure some things out about herself. A little Christmas, some romance, and the true meaning of Christmas. All of the makings of a lovely cheesy movie, but it works.

Crémant Pairing: Lucien Albrecht Rosé Brut
The Lucien Albrecht Rosé Brut is elegant and smooth, One of the most popular Crémants on the market. It’s perfect for this flick, because it’s fancy yet laid back all at the same time kinda what this movie is all about.


2. Krampus
If you are looking for a movie that’s more spice than sugar, this Xmas horror movie is the way to go. Krampus is a beast from European folklore, think half goat, half demon. After a family fight it causes a young boy to lose the Christmas spirit that unleashes the beast. The family has to get it together to defeat Krampus and get back to the meaning of the holiday. It’s a touch of horror, comedy, and feel good. Perfect when you can’t take another  movie on the Hallmark Channel. And don’t fall for the Krampus knockoffs, they are horrendous, stick with the original.

Crémant Pairing: Racine Crémant de Limoux
This wine is perfect for a little yueltide horror. Limoux was the first place for sparkling wine so their bubbles are on point. This wine would be great topped off with a little St. Germain or with a plum bitter.

3. The Christmas Prince (Netflix)
I stumbled on this movie last year by accident.  There’s a very private Prince that the media wants to know about. A nosy journalist makes her way into the castle undercover so that she can get the story. Of course the Prince is a charming surprise while the journalist is the one pretending to be someone she isn’t. Will she get her story or sent home empty handed. The struggle is real when there’s a hot prince at stake.

Crémant  Pairing: Bailly Lapierre Crémant Réserve Brut
A bottle of Bailly Lapierre Crémant Brut would be dandy with this flick. If you have bougie taste buds these bubbles will make you feel like you are sipping in a palace. Made with four grape varieties, it’s well rounded and fresh on the tongue.

4. Santa Baby- Jenny McCarthy/Hulu (Freeform)
This is one of those movies that I discovered when I had a free subscription to ABC Family. It’s still one of my favorite holiday flicks. Imagine a hard working lady who also happens to be the daughter of Santa Claus. She goes home and has to take over for her dad, but things don’t go as planned. Let’s just say that the elves need plenty of supervision. Christmas is ruined..or is it?. Of course, the boyfriend that she left behind is hot and is still in love with her. Her current boyfriend wants to tell the world that Santa Claus exists and sell tickets to to the North Pole. Oh no he didn’t. See how the holiday mess turns out.

Pairing: Clotilde Davenne Extra Brut Crémant de Bourgogne
This is an elegant bottle of bubble. It’s sassy and crisp on the palate just like Jenny McCarthy.  Delight notes of green apple and citrus. You may need more than one bottle.

5. A Cinderella Christmas (Pluto TV/Hallmark Channel)
Long story short, there’s a really hot rich guy, Nicholas Karmichael, who’s mom is like why don’t you get married already. Let’s just say that his inheritance is tied to being married. He’s looking for that “special someone,” even though he is a playboy.  Then there is, Angie Wells, who planned a sexy soiree for him. Nicholas finally notices her at the masked party, but doesn’t know who his mystery woman is. Now you know he has to find her, because he’s never met a woman like her before. Will Angie follow her dream of running the business or give in to a playboy? Sip along and see what Angie decides to or the boy.

Crémant Pairing:  Domaine de Bois Moze
The perfect pairing for this movie is Domaine de Bois Moze. A sexy bottle of bubbly that will remind you of Champagne. The 100% Chenin Blanc wine has aromas of peach, citrus, and spice. It goes great while watching this modern flip of a classic tale.           

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