CMX CineBistro Has Arrived In NYC

Going to the movies has been a big thing for as long as anyone can remember. However, for a while going to the movies wasn’t fun. The cost went way up and the food was “meh”, so people would just wait until a flick made its way to cable. Finally someone had the brilliant idea to add reclining seats (what took them so long) and make the food options better. Then came CMX Cinemas who wanted to take the movie and dining experience to a whole other level by making it a luxury experience. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

For the past few years in select cities, CMX Cinemas, has been serving up VIP movie experiences through their CMX CineBistro, a luxe dine-in and seat services, CMX Market Cinema, gourmet grab and go movie experience, and CMX Cinemas, upgrades traditional theater with classic concession.  The latest CMX CineBistro opened in New York City on the Upper East Side.

The six story cinema houses six auditoriums with the most current flicks including one that will be set aside for independent movies. The food and wine menu are created by chef, Isaac Stewart. All of the cocktails are hand-crafted with some featuring local ingredients so they are designed for the theater’s specific location.


I was invited for a preview of the experience. A welcome glass of bubbles was ready as I  arrived. The friendly and attentive staff were there to assist. We had a selection of two movies. I choose The Greatest Showman which seemed fitting for a night of food and cocktails.

Once you hit the door of the theater there is someone there to take you to your seat. That’s where you will find a menu and reclining chair waiting for you. It’s recommended that you get to the theater for enough time to take your seat and place your order. Once the movie starts you will have to go to the bar and get things yourself so that the waitstaff doesn’t disturb viewers during the movie.

I had looked at the menu before I got to my seat so I already know what I wanted. I want with the steak and potatoes with a salad.  I choose a glass of red wine, though I also grabbed a cocktail from the bar so that I could have the wine with my meal and the drink as I starred at the delicious Hugh Jackman for a few hours. I kept seeing big bowls of popcorn going by so I ordered one as well.

The food at CMX is seriously for the grown and sexy. You get real plates and silverware. Your wine or cocktail will arrive in a real glass. Nothing fake or faux about them.  My meal was quite good. Do yourself a favor and get the popcorn. It’s delicious and it comes in a big ‘ole bowl so you can get all cozy with it in your reclining seat.

If you aren’t in the mood to see a flick, you can still kick it at the bar to enjoy many of the classic cocktails that the mixologists. It’s worth stopping by the bar to enjoy the ambiance.


The CineBistro is a great date place. If you use it as a first date, it may be hard to top yourself. When you want to impress your partner this is where you take them. As for the sexy and single people, take yourself out for this luxury experience, because you deserve it. In other words when you want to do a movie and dinner with an experience, the CineBistro has your name written all over it. See you at the movies!




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