Tipsy Tarot- November 5, 2018- November 11, 2018

The pairing for the week is the LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot with the Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages. In case you didn’t know, in November it’s time to get ready for Beaujolais Nouveau which will be November 15th. This is a reminder that it’s not the only Beaujolais to get into your glass. There are 30 villages in Bourgogne that make the wine. The wine is full of character with it’s berry and black current notes. It comes to the wine glass to put on a show just like the circus which makes it the perfect pairing.

So, you have been working hard. In fact.. to hard. Take some time off if you can. If that’s not in the cards, add some pleasure to your schedule. Everything should not be about work. Sure, it’s great to get those coins, but fun and joy are crucial to living your best life. The work will be there.

The good news is all that hard work is paying off. The boss has noticed. You are growing. Let’s just say it’s all finally getting you somewhere. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in the job you should stay in. Get all the skills that you can so that you can make money moves.

Long story short:
Things are looking good. Just remember to take time to enjoy your life. Stop comparing yourself to someone else and do your thing. The Empress is sending you positive vibes and abundance All you have to do is embrace all of it. Blessed be.

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