The Historic Davenport Hotel

My adventure to the Lewis-Clark wine region in Idaho actually took me to Spokane,Washington. The airport in Spokane is of the easiest ways to get to get to Lewiston, Idaho since it’s a short drive away. It’s ideal if your goal is to taste different wines, because you can get a bit of Washington wine in before you head to Idaho. It may be a surprise to you that Washington and Idaho share the Lewis-Clark AVA.

The Idaho Wine Commission put me up in the world famous Davenport Hotel. I stayed across the street at the Davenport Tower which is across from the flagship hotel. Clearly a safari theme is what they are going for due to the abundance of animal print. The animal motif makes you feel like you are in a fancy jungle.The luxury hotel has custom-made bed and Frette linens.

Now you know I ordered room service. It’s the thing that I love to check out at hotels. I got the steak dinner with big side of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach all washed it down with a French sparkling wine.

I was going to go to a nearby bar that had a $5 happy hour, but ended up at the hotel bar instead. The Safari Room was poppin’ on Friday night. Besides the people staying at the hotel, the city residents love to visit the bar. I was a little surprised that a Grey Goose martini was only $8. Their wine list is also pretty steller with Washington wines, of course. I had a great glass of Cabernet Sauvignon by L’Ecole No 41 .

I met a gentleman at the bar who was from area. He was well versed on wine from Washington and Idaho. From talking to some of the people at the bar, they also knew their Idaho wine as well. He convinced me to go see the historic hotel before I left. I’m so glad that I listened to him and went for a visit.

The Davenport Hotel opened in 1914. It was the first hotel to have air conditioning, housekeeping and accordion ballroom doors. All types of famous people have stayed in the hotel including Clark Gable, Amelia Earhart, Christina Ricci, Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong, Babe Ruth, and so many others. The accomodations were shutdown in 1985, but restored by a developer in 2002 to operate under what we now know as The Historic Davenport Hotel.

The hotel’s lobby is architecture is inspired by Spanish Renaissance while the rest of the hotel has architectural influences from Italy, France, and Russia. There are stories about ghosts associated with the hotel. I ventured upstairs and there was no one else there. The Marie Antoinette Ballroom gave me a few chills. While I didn’t go in, just standing by the door I felt a few energeries present. However, nothing to be afraid of. The ghosts were just friendly and hanging out. I mean, why leave a fancy hotel if you don’t have to?! It was a touch of history and a couple of spiritual visitors, my kind of hotel.

It’s a gorgeous buildng. I hope to visit again, but stay at the mothership hotel next time. It’s the kind of hotel that you should stay at least once. I’m sure Spokane has some other cool stuff going on. As for me, I was off to Lewiston, Idaho.

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