Uberkate: Bring On The Bling Of The Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings use to be a woman’s first bling. The rings made their first appearance during the days of Prohibition. Women were “sisters doing it for themselves” because they were finally making their own money. The first big purchase was a cocktail ring to wear on their right hand when at a speakeasy to let suitors know that they were single and financially independent.  The rings are a bold statement, part rebellion, and part status symbol.

The rings were created in the 1920’s yet were most popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Traditionally the rings were made with big gemstones and were quite elegant. The modern version of the rings can be rather gaudy or cheap looking. However,  if you want a ring that resembles a classic cocktail ring ,Uberkate, has you covered.

Kate Sutton is a top jewelry designer in Australia who is the founder and creative force behind, Uberkate. She brought her classy cocktail rings to New York City. Sutton had a launch soiree at The Back Room, one of the only authentic speakeasies still operating since Prohibition. It was her first time to hit the Big Apple and bring her jewelry to the U.S.

The Uberkate rings are real gemstones so they vibe on energy. Whatever you want to attract and give off is a good way to decide which ring you want to rock. There are several stones in the collection to choose from. Kate gifted me a ring and I picked the Rose Quartz Duet. The stone is all about love, I also think the ring looks to unique since it has two stones versus one.

I love the idea of cocktail rings, it’s a statement I would love to see come back. There are probably quite a few woman wearing cocktail rings now, but they don’t know the history behind them . Even if a woman isn’t single she can feel free to rock a cocktail ring. I love how the ring basically means that a woman is a badass.

Kate was such a delight.  She was in town with her best friend who also works at the company. They were havng a good ‘ole girl’s trip and living their best life as they fulfill Uberkate’s goal to empower and inspire woman one ring at a time. Cheers!

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