Sharknado 6: Drink It Up, It’s About Time

Sharknado is back baby. That means Fin Shepard will have save the day again. Is he up to the challenge or will the sharks get the best of him? Fin will travel back in time to fight dinosaurs, cowboys, knights, and yes…sharks. Some of the shark fighting squad is back as well including  Tara “Fucking” Reid, Vivica A. Fox, and Cassandra Scerbo.

Let’s keep it real, the whole point of the movies is to get some camp in. The acting won’t win any Oscars, the special effects are questionable, and everything is over the top. All that has the making of must see tv. So bad, it’s good.

This is the last Sharknado so for this go round, make sure that you have a proper thing to drink.

Here are some selections to get you ready: 

1)  La Vieille Ferme Rouge– Drink the chicken wine while fending off sharks. I think that sharks would like chicken, don’t you. This is one of my favorite French table wine. No frills, but so good. A good red is always a good pairing for sharks. Chomp!

2)  Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon– If you want to get your whiskey on, get some bourbon in. This spirit  has old-style flavor with a touch of sweetness. I recommend a swig right as the show starts to get ready to immerse yourself in the land of flying sharks.  

3) Mionetto Prosecco Brut–  It’s always fun to sip bubbles and watch a little somethin’.  This is one of my favorite proseccos to pair with food. It would be great with any of the snacks that you have on your menu.

4) Three Olives Rosé Vodka– When you crave vodka, yet rose is on your mind, have the best of both worlds. This vodka is a real treat and taste like rosé with a punch. Slip on the rocks or add some lemonade.

5) Courvoisier VSOP– Just because you are watching fluff, doesn’t mean you can’t be fancy. A touch of Cognac will do for the occasion. This brandy brings aromas of peaches, vanilla and almonds. Have this with some cookies or a cheese plate.

6) Hendrick’s Gin– This gin is some kinda sexy with the infusion of Bulgarian roses, cucumbers, and eleven other botanicals. Perfect for a few gin and tonic as you watch the show. Sip some gin in the name of Fin.

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