Champagne Charles Heidsieck Dinner at Rotisserie Georgette Featuring NV Blanc de Blancs and the 2004 Blanc des Millénaires

Champagne Charles Heidsieck is the perfect wine for modern quaintrelles and dandies. The bubbly was created by the dandy and entrepreneur, Charles Heidsieck, in the 19th century when he was  only 29 years old. His goal was to create a Champagne house that was more adventurous and unique. The goal was attained and he became known as “Champagne Charlie”. After his bubbles became popular with the royal courts, it became the first Champagne to be brought to the United States. 

Fast forward to today, while Charles Heidsieck may not be as trendy as some of the other houses, it is definitely one of the most iconic. When I got invited to a dinner with Cyril Brun, Chef de Cave, of the Champagne house, I had to say “oui”.  I’d heard so much about him and his style. The bonus was the dinner was going take place at, Rotisserie Georgette, a restaurant that features French rustic fare prepared on a rotisserie. While the menu is simple, there’s a French flare added to the meats, poultry and fish, plus the seriously delicious side dishes.

When I arrived for dinner a few minutes before the other guests so I had a few minutes to chat with Brun about music and Champagne. I happen to know that he’s a jazz buff and digs Miles Davis. Brun also has a way of describing Champagne that would make anyone fall in love with it. As he said in an interview, “Champagne is a product charged with emotions that brings the magic”.

The guest stars of the evening were the NV Blanc de Blancs and the 2004 Blanc des Millénaires . Champagne Charles Heidsieck has recently released the new Champagnes into the market.                                    

The Blanc de Blanc is 100% full bodied Chardonnay composed of wine from ten different villages  in the Champagne region including Montgueux, Oger, Trépail.  There notes of honeysuckle and citrus. If only I could always have this wine with rotisserie chicken. Not to mention that it paired well with stuffed and crisped potato.

The Blanc des Millénaires 2004 is comprised of 100% Chardonnay, blended by five major crus from the Côte des Blancs: Oger, Mesnil-sur-Oger, Avize, Cramant and Vertus. It’s an exquise bottle of bubbles. I picked up quite a bit of apple and tobacco on the nose. Let’s just say that it will make you feel fancy and give you the feels.

If you have never paired sparking wine and rotisserie chicken, you are missing out. It’s quite an excellent pairing. However have the Champagne any way that you like, as you enjoy it. Champagne Charlie wouldn’t have it any other way. Santé!

Rostierrie Georgette

140 E. 60th Street

New York, NY 10022